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The Democrat Party Of Clay County Hates The Idea Of American Exceptionalism And Wants To Stop You From Talking About It.

Democrat Party Leadership Hates American Exceptionalism

Bill Korach, a retired United states Navy Commander with over well over 20 years of dedicated service to the country he knows is more responsible for freedom and prosperity than any other in history has made it his mission to help reform and fix the erosion of the teaching of American values and exceptionalism in the public schools.  He is producing a conference at the Thrasher Center in Clay County, with the support of Mr. Charles Van Zant who happens to be the elected Superintendent of Schools in Clay County called “Dare to Think:.  Mr. Van Zant, a Florida National Guardsman with over 22 years of service also feels the United States is truly exceptional.  The Republican Assembly thanks both Mr. Korach and Mr. Van Zant for their servie to the cause of freedom.

The first attacks came from liberals inside the School system. Then from liberals on the School Board.  They were miffed that individuals would seek the support of an elected School Superintendent and not have to ask their permission.  But then, they have had this argument before and lost.  Then…..the Clay County Democrat Party decided they had to  intervene.

The DEC of Clay county sent the email depicted below to their email list attempting to bring out a huge crowd to oppose the conference.  In the email, they directly accuse the Superintendent of financial illegality; a charge they have yet to produce any evidence for since their is no cost to be borne by the District associated with the Conference.  Mr. Van Zant, a simple man, a patriot who loves his country for the opportunities and freedoms it has afforded his children, thought discussing how to revivie the teaching of important American values and history to American school children was a worthy and important idea to support.  The Clay Democrat Party’s specific intent was to kill the conference.

So the Democrats, as they always do, Community Organized.  They sent this email:

Clay County Democrat Email Attacking Charles Van Zant

This is just another example of the Democrat Party Leadership’s hatred of anything cannoting America Exceptionalism.

It is time we as American sieze control of our own destiny and right to local self determination.  The “Dare to Think” conference is just one of the many things that can help us understand how to take back sovereignty over our lives and the live of our children.  Be bold, defy those that hate America Exceptionalism.  Buy a tickey, support Mr. Van Zant and patriots that seek to engage and help return American Values to the schools.  For full information on the Conference and a link to purchase a ticket, click on the link below:


When you are done there, visit The Report Card and read the many fine articles Bill Korach has writtent in support of Education Reform and fighing revisionist history.  Mr. Van Zant was elected to the position of Superintendent of Clay County Schools in 2012 with over 56% of the vote.